Have you been checked for Candidiasis?

When someone has chronic fatigue, many diarrheas, foggy feelings, doctors never check for the presence of candida right away. They starts to look if the patient has Aids, cancer and all sorts of very bad diseases.

I have seen 10 doctors after Candida hit my body. None of them asked a candida test on my blood. However, once, after looking carefully to the blood tests form, i discovered that the candida blood test existed everywhere in Europe. But in Fact, no doctors use it.

I don't know what doctors were expecting to check for candida overgrowth. I described my symptoms in details. Saying i was foggy, sometimes dizzy, always tired, had many intestinal cramps and diarrheas. I explained i could wake up in the night and that it lasted for years.

I wonder if Doctors are really sensitive to Candidiasis. I must say you have to ask your doctor to test your blood for candidiasis.

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